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A cute pup adds a touch of Mexican charm to its look with a handwoven collar, showcasing style and comfort effortlessly.


Discover stylish and durable collars for your pet. From luxurious leather to intricate handwoven designs, each collar is crafted with care for both style and functionality. Choose from a variety of sizes, colors, and patterns to suit your furry friend's personality.

Artisanal Mexican bag dispensers for pets, featuring vibrant colors and traditional designs, providing stylish and practical solutions for pet waste management on walks.


Selection of pet accessories featuring charro and mariachi hats, along with treat bag and poop bag artisan dispensers, showcasing stylish and functional options for your furry friend

Charming dog in a Tapatio Dress, ready to spice up any occasion!


Discover the finest pet clothing collections for your beloved furry friends.

Two adorable pups strike a pose, showcasing their personality and style with matching Mexican artisanal bandanas, adding a touch of fiesta flair to their charm.


Explore our extensive collection of bandanas, offering a wide variety of colors, patterns, and styles.

 Happy pup rocking a Mexican artisanal leash with all the flair and colors of a fiesta!


Unleash the Love: A pawsitively playful collection of leashes for your furry friends!


Pet Accessories with a Purpose

Mexican Heart is more than a brand; it's a small tribute to the talented artisans who infuse their passion into every creation. We invite you to explore our collection, where each accessory carries a piece of Mexico's artistic legacy and adds a touch of warmth to the bond between pets and their owners. Join us in appreciating the simplicity and authenticity of Mexican Heart.